Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coasting on Black Spot Boulevard

Inspired by looking at Kandinsky's "Black Spot I" and by listening to a (near infinite) playlist of St. Germain jazz, I went on a free form poetry spree, writing short, sporadic one page poems on whatever images struck me in the chaotic mess of symbols. Fifteen poems later (some of which are completely incoherent) I felt rather inspired enjoying the abstract flow of interpretation/ideas/images. I've included a couple to share. I realize this is a departure from the explicit "prose" distinction of this blog, but nevertheless, I feel it bleeds into my musings on arts and culture.


Ebb and Flow

with pigeons on
hydro lines and
jazz musicians
seducing backpackers
... and/or housewives
Some things pull us back,
others pull us
forward. Flow draws
us out of ourselves
into a space of clarity
and realization.
Surpass the darkness,
while accepting it.

__We are dancing in unison.



Bright Intrigue
paired with mystery.
Genuine movements
of colour with notes
of ...sweetness? and
harmonies of ...translucence?
Hearts, washed with
seafoam and rainwater,
distract from the flame at centre
Black Spot I does
Not overtake expanding
j o y .



Cigarettes & fire pits
Train tracks and
grassy fields.
Geometry perplexes
asymmetry, and
yet the dissimilar
figures harmoniously
________flora and fingerprints
Electric. Pyrotechnic.



The golden cracks
__the blue surface
Horizon Explodes
__into action,
__breath and
__a cacophony of
_____de Kandinsky

in Black Spot I.


Interpret as you will. If it makes you laugh, than it's intentionally humorous. If it makes you role your eyes, than it's satirical. If it makes you smile, than it's meant to touch you. I latched onto images within the painting, and sounds from the music. Either way, I figure that art should be first personal, and second about sharing, but sharing is an essential component.

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