Saturday, August 27, 2011

"The Plan" and other hilarity in Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under was a fabulous show, and it has come to inspire me. I've only recently 'discovered' it, and have made it through five seasons in only a few weeks!

I think I'm (not so secretly) in love with Claire Fisher (character) as well as Michael C. Hall (actor, a.k.a. Dexter).

I was also inspired by Ruth (Fisher)'s whole sense of loss, and loss of self, and the whole idea of "reconstructing" herself with the weird self-help/cult group "The Plan." As a result, it drove me to write.


The Plan
Construction of
self is noisy,

dusty, visceral.

Make a mess

of it every

chance you


With Love,
Your Contractor.

(Not-So) Brief explanation of photo:
One of Claire's art projects, where she makes a collage of someone's face from different pictures of that person, makes a paper mache mask, and takes a picture of the subject of that mask. This mask/collage is of Ruth. The project itself draws upon themes of identity and the masks we wear, the different fragments that make up oneself, and a whole host of different interpretations. I chose this photo to pair with my poem about Ruth on her hysterical road to self discovery through "The Plan" and it's architectural metaphors for self. i.e.: I find her metaphorical self construction is humorous, as it misses the point -- she spends more time describing the foundational flaws in her "house" than building that "house" and living life. Her dialogue is loose and superficial--So is the poem, but it tries to slap you in the face with that fact. We're all constructed of different pieces, but Ruth needs to, how shall I say it? Get out of her "house" and into the world. (See? I think these things through!)


Architecture of the soul
is only constructed
from life
living & drinking
from the fountain
of flora &


Also, a broken Haiku:

Submit to Fear &
Nourish Hunger. Draw your fishnet.
Net profits magnify.


And finally, my philosophy on writing chance poetry:

everything is a multi-
Pun for the
literal, the
internal, the
etymological, &
the chance anagram.


And on that note, this may be the last of poetry present on this primarily review driven blog.

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