Friday, October 7, 2011

As if Macbeth needs to be more graphic...

Macbeth (2012)
by W. Shakespeare
('The Big Shakes')
"Retold" by M. Powell, Illustrated by F. Daniel**

Macbeth is now brought to you in graphic novel form! Enjoy a concise, brooding yet fast-paced, half-hour read of this literary classic. Even the internal dialogue is drawn in an action-packed way, from crazy slanted angles to deliberately bizzare close-ups. While I've never stared up anyone's nostril, I feel it is often a graphic-illustrator's tactic to symbolize impending doom. Always an interesting perspective. Also, this short but sweet (and slightly hilarious while power-reading
) version of Macbeth also includes some study questions... for the lingering high-schooler who probably hasn't yet realized there are other ways of reading/experiencing their dusty old Shakespeare texts.

I was thoroughly entertained.

3 old witches + 1 bloody dagger + 1 power-hungry homicidal wife = 5 Stars

**[Yes, the cover has a different name for the illustrator. I'm sorry, images were hard to come by. The cover design is otherwise the same, so I'm sticking with it.]

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