Saturday, October 15, 2011

Toronto's still groovy... right?

Finally! I got my first subscription of The Walrus in the mail! Complete with exciting photo essays of the boreal forest and other visual delights! With the exception of the photos displaying how Toronto is essentially rotting at it's core... which surprised me, as it's not hard to find a pothole, an illegal collection of garbage bags, or a damaged street sign in any city. Nevertheless, the image of a swan who seems to have made a nest out of garbage in a basement stairwell was pretty funny [Images and editorial here].

Yet I acknowledge that the city has serious urban planning issues... stemming back to it's original conception, not simply as a result of the Harris government's amalgamation in 1997, and poor governing since then. The article chart's a history of bad decisions in nearly all political leaders, provincial and domestic, as well as the decisions of urban planners, since the early 1900s (although largely focusing on the city's stasis in the last thirty or so years).

The article makes some excellent points regarding planning for the future, and spending now to make things better later (and how detrimental Rob Ford's determination to cut spending now might be for the future of the city).

I suppose this article touched a soft spot. I'd like to be proud of my city, rather than feel it must be defended, despite its flaws.

And I suppose that is the point.

Whatever your sentiments, I suggest you go check out The Walrus!

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